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The team

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The moderation team is composed with players who give their time to grant everybody good game conditions.

For example :
- We help the players who have difficulties in the game.
- We keep alive the community on the forum.
- We make sure of the good behaviour of the players.
- We hunt down the cheaters.


Frixsen is responsible for the recruitment, with the agreement of the rest of the team.You can send him your application on the forum or in game.
In this letter, show up on the game and in life, tell us how you see the role of a moderator and why you will be good in this role ...

Be aware that many players want to become moderators and that they are very few places.

Before writing to us, please be sure of a few things : :
- Know the game
- Be present on the forum.
- Have a good writing.
- Be aware of the role of the moderators.
- willing to help the players.
- Be able to always keep a positive attitude even when confronted with problems.

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