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Second day

Your workers have harvested all night and you have lots of food.
Start by laying thirty workers for harvesting more food and some materials.

Done, 50 workers on the job. But I cannot send more workers collecting !

That's normal ! From the beginning, your hunting field size was 50 cm2, and each worker works on 1cm2.
Get rid of the insects that lurk near you.!
It starts to get risky, and workers are too scared to adventure out of the anthill. You need an army !

Fighting room

To train an army, I must have a building ?

Right on, you'll find it in Construction.
Look for the fighting room and click on

300 are drawn from your warehouse and the projection of construction is posted under the title of the page.

Fighting room is built. How do I train an army?

Go on Queen Page, the first fighter is just below the worker : Young Dwarf .

You can choose where the soldiers will go through the menu. Let "anthill" and launched a clutch of 30 young dwarfs.

Here, your queen lays down the soldiers. She takes her time, she is the queen after all ...

Young dwarf

My Young Dwarfs are ready. How do I send them hunting?

Open the Crops page and go down to Hunting Field.
Choose to attack 20cm2 and then click

The page changes and show your armies.
At the bottom, facing Young Dwarf, slap: 30 and click on
The text "The Hunt is Afoot " appears.

Your ants left to conquer a new territory that's unknown and dangerous. Will they ever come back?
---Suspense Music---
You need to wait to find out!

In the meantime, we will lay the workers who will work on this territory.
Queen Page -> 20 workers -> Confirm

How do I know when the hunting is over ?

At the end of the hunt, you will have 1 on the top of the screen, it is a hunting report.
Clicking on takes you to the Mail Box. Click on the title to read the message.

You've got to get your workers to work.
On Crops, put 70 workers to harvest food (as much as your Hunting Field).
You can also put less and collect materials.

And now what's next ?

Now you know the basics to play Antzzz, and you'll have to continue by yourself...
Here's a tip: repeat hunts, and get more and more workers and hunters to be ready to take on other players.

And if you need, there are still plenty of places where you can find help :
- At the beginning of the game, you have personal advice in the top left.
- La suite de l’Aide explique chaque partie du jeu : Terrain de Chasse, Attaque & Défense...
- You can ask your questions to other players on the Antzzz Chat.

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