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Hunting Field

The Hunting Field (AKA HF) is the place where you collect most of your resources. A worker brings 1 resource every half an hour. So, every half an hour you collect as many resources as workers on the HF.Food and material collection relies rely on the HF size. The bigger the HF, the more you collect. Always remeber there's never more than one worker per cm2 on the HF.

HF also works to limit attacks. You can only attack anthills which are from 50% to 300% of your HF size. So you'll never be attacked by an anthill 100 times bigger than you. Of course, everybody can see your HF size to know if they can attack you or not.

At first, it indicates the "age" of the player (as time goes by, you get bigger and bigger). Eventually, for many strategical reasons, good players willingly lose HF. Knowing that HF isn't enough to know the power of another player !

What if I want to extend my HF ?

Interesting part for every player who isn't scared of fighting spiders.
Hunting is an expedition where you decide to send your fighters to conquer wild territory.
Down the page Crops -> Extend HF.
The ants you sent will fight the predators in the area (there are many of them, to know the full list, hunt, hunt and hunt again !). If you win, you'll earn food and HF.
Expedition time relies on your HF size and the surface to conquer.
To reduce this time, you need to improve "Hunting Speed".

Expedition time relies on your HF size and the surface to conquer.
To reduce this time, you need to improve "Hunting Speed"
As time goes by, it becomes tougher and longer to hunt... So don't hesitate to take some HF from your neighbors !

What if I want to attack another anthill to get more HF ?

This is the fastest way, and also the riskiest. You will attack another player's HF. To know who you can attack go on the page Enemies page.
If you win, you take 20% of your opponent's HF, with a 1cm2 per ant limit.
You can raise several attacks at a time, as long as he doesn't have less than 50% of your HF when you decide to attack.
Attention! If you win on the HF but decide to go up to the Anthill and get killed there, you'll get no cm2 for yourself.
Sometimes some players leave their HF empty and ask other players to take some HF from them, so they have a lower level.

What if it's my HF which is attacked ?

If you understood everything, you already know. If the enemy kills the army on the HF (or if there was no army), you lose 20% of your HF, still with a maximum of 1 cm2 per fighter.

What are the predators that you may encountered in hunting ?

There are many predators on Antzzz. At first, you will only hunt spiders. Then you will discover much more powerful animals. Strongest predators move in small groups, it is therefore not a problem to deal with ...

Antzzz's Predators.
Damage in defense : Damage Vie : Hit Points Food : Food
Small spider 13 50 18,5
Spider 19 75 27,4
Caterpillar 30 100 39,8
Grasshopper 42 100 47,1
Wasp 50 140 60,8
Cicada 70 200 86
Bee 115 220 115,7
Venus flytrap 70 700 161
Cockchafer 140 450 182,6
Beetle 230 1 000 348,8
Praying mantis 1 200 800 712,6
Lizard 700 5 000 1 361
Mice 1 400 5 000 1 924
Fieldmouse 3 000 8 000 3 563
Lark 10 000 30 000 12 597
Rat 50 000 100 000 51 426
Anteater 1 000 000 5 000 000 1 626 231

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