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War: Specialties

A red ant in firing position

Acid Attacks

Horse ants, known for their great dome, do not have sting, But they can project formic acid to several centimeters.

This extremely corrosive acid causes strong burning sensation and allows them to effectively defend their nest.


In species of the genus Cephalotes, arboreal ants, the majors have a huge round head. Very solid, these ants use their head to block nest entrances.

In addition to their enormous head, they have spikes at the end of their thorax. The ant pushs its pikes on the upper walls of the gallery with its legs, thus improving the blocking of nest entrance.

Hover over the image to see the doorkeeper from another view.

A colony with red ants and black ants


Slavery is fairly widespread in ants world and takes various forms.

In Formica Sanguinea, ants organize raids into the colonies of other species and capture brood. At birth, "stolen " workers think they are in their own nest and begin to work for their new master.

In Amazon Ants, it is directly a queen that iskidnapped to spawn slaves all its life.

Finally, to found a colony, queens of certain species captured a foreign nest. For this, it kills a queen and takes its smell. Then, workers begin to raise its eggs.

Kamikaze Ant!

Camponotus Saundersi from Malaysia is actually a real bomb!

With 2 long venom glands on their sides, their soldiers defend the colony at any price.

If the battle goes awry, these ants are able to self-destruct. They contract abdomen muscles to explode and send poison in all directions.

A Camponotus saundersi Ant
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Two ants fighting and a doorkeeper