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War in General

A black ant surrounded by red ants

Preparing for War

The ants adjust their number of soldiers about the importance of the conflic threats they perceive. Thus a stressed colony produces twice as many soldiers as colony unstressed.

The colony sacrifice resources when the survival of the colony is at risk because soldiers are achieved by overfeeding of larvae originally destined to be workers.


In the duels, the two opponents catch their members and attack with their sting (if any) or their acid.

If they had time to prepare for the attack, they rushed upon each other and they try to place their jaws on the neck of the victim for the beheading.

These fights always end with the death of one of the combatants.

Deux fourmis s'affrontent
An ant army is moving

Total War

Each nest has an area it considers its property and did not allow any intrusion. When workers encounter a nest nearby, fighting broke out directly.

Conflict intensity increases because each colony is recruiting new fighters. Fighting lasted all day and result in the death of thousands of ants. Bodies are brought back to the other side where they serve as food.

Ardor that ants bring in their struggles is incredible : even cut into pieces, losers never loosen their grip on their opponent. It is common to see winners go back to the nest with cutting heads still hanging over them!

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Two ants fighting and a doorkeeper