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Here you'll find some details on building effects.

Mushrooms Chamber

It brings food everyday. As all mushrooms chambers are neat and tidy on Antzzz, there's no risk for your anthill ;)

Aphid room

Improves carrying capacity by 1% for robberies and 5% for trade per level.

Mealybug Room

Improves experience gained from a fight by 10% per level.

Incubator and solarium.

Speeds up the laying by 10% for each level


Give access to researches.

Analysis room

Reduces by 10% research times for each level

Fighting room and barracks.

Unlock more powerful units

Dome and nest

They give you defense bonus when you're attacked.
Dome bonus : 10% + 5% for each level.
Nest bonus : 30% + 15% for each level.

How can I calculate my anthill level ?

Each building level gives you 1 point, then add all together.

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