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If you're there, whether you're looking for a real fight and want to know how to colonize somebody or you've been colonized and you're trying to get rid of your bully.
How does it work ? What's to win ? What's to lose ?
If this is another question that you ask yourself, you got the wrong tutorial!

How can I colonize somebody ?

It's easy. You just have to attack his Nest (and win of course !)

What do I win if I colonize somebody ?

You earn a percentage of all his resources (mushrooms, workers' job). This percentage is 20% + 1% for each level of aphid room.
Resources come if your colony is active (and connects to the site). Inactive colonies bring nothing.

And if my colony has a colony, do I get something from what he earns with it ?

Nope, all what you get is from your personal colonies.

Do I lose my colony if my troops come home ?

No, the colony is yours unless the colonized anthill rebels.

Can I call back only a part of the troops which are in the colony ?

No : it's everything or nothing.

How can I send reinforcements to my colony ?

You have to attack the colony. If the colony rebels in the meantime, your reinforcement troops will fight your former colony.

How can I get rid of my bully ?

Build up a new army and rebel. -Army- Then you fight his troops on your HF, and you're the assailant. Anthill and Nest bonuses are no use there.
Another solution is to ask your bully to go away (kindly or with threats, but politely, we're not beasts !).
Attention: even if the bully has no troops left in your place, you may still be under his domination. So you have to rebel (one young dwarf will be enough in this case!
The bully can withdraw his troops and give you back your freedom. In that case you'll have nothing to do.

Where's the bully's army ?

Click on Enemies. You'll see your bully's army.

Can the occupying troops help me defend myself ?

YES. If a third guy attacks you, he'll fight your army on your HF first.
Then his troops will fight the bully's army in your anthill
Eventually, there'll be a fight with your army in your Anthill and then in your Nest

I've been colonized. What if a guy attacks my Nest and wins ?

In this case, you are subject to the last attacker.

If I rebel, can I get back what's been stolen to me ?

No. What's lost is lost. But you can try to colonize him later on !

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